Veterans Monuments in Rye – Submit for Inclusion

The City of Rye Veteran Monuments Committee is working to gather names of members of the armed forces who have served our country. The committee is seeking to ensure that all names from our community are displayed proudly on the various veteran monuments. If you or someone you know are a current or past service member and the name is not yet included, please fill out the application at this link.  You may also print out the questionnaire and hand-deliver it with your proof of service (DD214, current military ID, other) to the City Clerk’s office located at 1051 Boston Post Road, Rye, New York.

If you know a veteran who lives, has lived, or has grown up in Rye, please forward this to them; the committee is working hard to ensure that all are represented. We are also accepting applications on behalf of deceased veterans with the proper paperwork.

The deadline for this phase of the monument update project is September 1, 2023.  

Whose names are eligible to appear on the plaque?

A QUALIFIED VETERAN must satisfy these criteria:

Serving or have served and been honorably discharged from the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard. A DD214 form for veteran or current ID card for current service member will be required as proof of service to be added to the monument; AND

Must satisfy one of the following criteria:

  • Have been born in Rye, NY (birth certificate including parents address)
  • Have joined one of the U.S. military branches while residing in Rye, NY (DD214)
  • Have been buried in, or have ashes spread in Rye, NY (burial / cemetery certificate)
  • Have resided in Rye for at least 10 years (City Tax Roll or other means)

How does one submit a name for consideration to be on the plaque?

Anyone who believes they or someone they know that qualifies may submit their information in the online portal.  Additionally, the Clerk’s office will accept in-person submissions.  The submission will include, at minimum:  name, branch of service and eligibility documentation such as DD-214 or current military ID card; and other documentation which satisfies eligibility requirements.

Where can I obtain my DD-214?

You can obtain your DD-214 form from either the National Archives or the Veterans Administration:


National Archives:

What will plaque look like? Where will it be placed?

The position and design in the updated honor wall area is to be determined. The committee will present options to the City Council for consideration.

How will this plaque be funded?

The City of Rye is expecting to provide funding. Additionally, private donations will also be accepted.

Can I submit corrections or additions to existing plaques such as the Vietnam, Korea, or World War II ones?

Yes, please submit names to be corrected and names to be added to the existing plaques to the City Clerk’s office through the online portal or in person/ by mail at: Rye City Clerk’s Office, 1051 Boston Post Road, Rye, NY. PLEASE DO NOT JUST SEND IN YOUR DD-214; WE NEED THE QUESTIONNAIRE FILLED OUT.

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